Does This Sound Like You?

  • You have been going to the gym for many years, joined in with group classes and have trained with numerous PT’s.

  • Your main goals are to change body composition and increase strength.

  • The problem is that despite your best efforts you don’t seem to be achieving what you set out to.

  • To make matters worse you are being continually bombarded with the latest program, diet, or some new trickery created within the fitness industry designed to create the illusion of a shortcut.  

You Are Not Alone! 

Like you, many of my clients and athletes have been in similar positions before training with me. Like you, they were uncertain. They wanted something "evidence-based", concrete and quick that guaranteed them results. Part of the problem stems from trainers and boutique gyms selling 8 week challenges designed to smash you using (insert fancy name) HIIT circuits, combined with a nutrition plan designed to starve you (because it's a competition and whoever is the 'biggest loser' wins). This actually creates the perfect storm for slowing down your metabolism and enhancing your body's ability to regain weight quicker.

On their end they get that all important before and after photo as ‘proof’ that what they offered gave you your results.

On your end you get to convince yourself that your new found malnourishment and decrease in lean muscle mass disguised as ‘weight loss’ is actually a good thing. Furthermore, after rebounding again you will most likely end up back doing the same 8 week challenge because you have ‘proof’ that it worked.

What Do You Usually Do?

It's easier to just go back to familiar territory. Your usual personal trainer, online program, group class or that 8 week challenge that got you a result for the short term before you rebounded again.

Usually, you would hope that this time everything will work out;

  • This time you'll sustain your weight loss. 

  • This time you'll achieve your strength goals. 

  • This time you'll improve your performance.

Unfortunately the results for most of you will undoubtedly be the same, and the vicious cycle will continue.

The Inconvenient Truth 

Imagine starting a share portfolio where the more money you invested the smaller your returns became. It is absolutely ludicrous and you would change things immediately.  

The inconvenient truth is this is exactly how your body works when responding to the physical stress of training. The longer you train the smaller your improvements will become. A good coach will know how to correctly program for you and train you to ensure you continue making progress.

This is why challenges are usually designed to last for 4-8 weeks. Because your body’s ability to respond to even the smallest extra training stressor is quite high. Meaning that you can make progress really quickly to any new training stimulus. Anything after 8-12+ weeks and your body’s response will usually dimmish unless you are following something more structured. This is why you lose motivation after this time as you are no longer seeing the results.


What You Actually Need…

Firstly you need to seek out a highly experienced and qualified coach combined with a training environment that is the right fit for you.

How are the strongest of us and those with the best physiques in the world created? With a structured resistance training program, integrating adequate conditioning and a nutrition plan targeted to their goals. THEY DO NOT just complete HIIT classes that smash you to oblivion for 45mins – 1hr and ridiculously restrictive diets handed out by unqualified personal trainers. If these were so great then every athlete, bodybuilder or fitness model would be doing them all the time to help them gain employment and win competitions. But they don't. Why? Because this doesn't achieve the result they are after.

If you have been struggling for a while you should find a coach who will design a program and coach you (yes i do mean in person) to build or re-establish your foundation. They will ensure that you develop solid technical proficiency and build a strong, lean physique that has the power and capacity to achieve any goal. Ultimately you should be set on a path for continually making progress.   


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