To educate and empower strength athletes by providing them with effective training and nutrition solutions to achieve best results on and off the platform.


To create a community of competitive strength athletes of all ages to drive the sport of elite powerlifting.


Strength Over Weakness  
Principles Over Methods
Discipline Over Motivation 
Fulfilment Over Happiness


Owner & Head Coach

Mark’s involvement in Strength and Conditioning as an athlete and a coach has spanned over 25 years. He trained in a National Level performance program with a specifically tailored strength and conditioning program in his early teens, which quickly helped him realise how effective progressive strength training can be, not only in making you strong but also in improving your overall health, mental wellbeing and a positive lifestyle. 

Having always been competitive and participated in a variety of sports at a high-performance level, it is no surprise Mark quickly turned towards the sport of powerlifting. Mark coaches and competes in powerlifting under the Australian Powerlifting Union as part of the International Powerlifting Federation. As a coach, he has trained strength athletes from the very beginning as a novice lifter all the way to achieving podium finishes at the Australian Championships. 

However, his experience does not end there. Mark has over 15 years combined of martial arts training and instructing, been coached by some of the best trainers in the country, as well as having coaching experience across a number of different sporting disciplines.  

Mark prides himself on the ability to make you stronger, improve your body composition and enhance your athletic performance on and off the platform. He strongly believes that creating the best possible training atmosphere is key to promoting growth and development and helping you to achieve your strength and performance goals. 

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Lee-Ann was a competitive swimmer, triathlete and archer before she switched her focus to powerlifting. She began weight training in 2017 with the intention to lose weight and improve her body composition. Naturally, she soon realised that reducing the number on the scale was not as fulfilling as increasing the weight on the bar, and her focus quickly shifted to improving her strength. Lee-Ann has been competing in powerlifting since 2018 and won bronze in her weight class at the Australian Powerlifting Championships in 2019.

Lee-Ann is a VIT registered teacher and currently works as a leading teacher at a New Arrivals P-10 English Language school as the Student Wellbeing Coordinator. She was previously a Learning Specialist and also worked at the Department of Education and Training as an English as an Additional Language (EAL) specialist and Project Officer, as well as an EAL consultant for the NGV and VicTESOL.

In her spare time, she is a National level powerlifter and also manages the MD Strength team.



Dan is a qualified physiotherapist and currently works in a hospital setting as well as a strength coach with MD Strength. He specialises in training clients who may have had previous injuries or are concerned with current issues. Taking a more athlete focused approach, Dan is a huge believer in empowering you by focusing on what you can do, rather than simply focusing on your injury and restricting movement.  

Dan started off as a state level swimmer and began training with Mark as part of the strength and conditioning program. He continued strength training after he stopped swimming and has become a proficient lifter in his own right.

Being a physiotherapist who lifts, he has an intimate understanding of the benefits of strength training and combines his experience and knowledge to provide the best service for his clients.

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